Met a Musical Hero

I went to Osheaga last weekend (killer festival this year!!) and was excited to see Fran Healy play on Saturday.   He’s the singer of the Scottish band Travis, who I would consider to be one the big influences on my msuic, with the whole lyrically-driven acoustic-guitar-based rock song style. Needless to say I’m a huge fan and I would easily list Fran Healy as one of my musical heroes (is that kind of geeky to say?).

Anyways he played an excellent solo acoustic show and afterwards came off the side of the stage and graciously took the time to stand around and chat with people.  I was a bit star-struck but waited around to say hi, shake his hand and get a photo.  Big moment.  :) And to top it off my awesome friend Vero got the guitar pick he threw into the audience after the set with and gave it to me. Very inspirational day!!!