Seagull Love

I love my Seagull.

The guitar in the picture here is the first acoustic guitar I owned (in fact, the only one). I learned to play guitar on it, and every single song I’ve ever written was on this guitar. It helped get me into music school and with a few other things too, accompanied me around Europe, in every city I’ve lived in and on every stage I’ve played on.

It’s a phenomenon pretty well-known among guitarists and other musicians of wood instruments – like violins – that, as the wood ages over time, the tone or feel of the guitar begins to reflect the way it has been played. The vibrations of sound through the guitar changes the cellular structure of the wood, the resin, etc. Since you could say that music is an expression of your soul, and since I’ve been “expressing my soul” through this guitar for so many years, you could say that a piece of my soul lives within the wood of my guitar. It sounds weird, but when I play my guitar, I know it’s true. When I play other guitars, the music the guitar makes feels kind of empty and lacking…. something…. in comparison.

So there you go, a little ode to my little wooden soul mate.