“Scattered EP” Officially Released! 

I’m very excited to announce that my newest EP album “Scattered” is finally officially released. It includes three original songs: “Carry You Along”, “scattered” and “She Could Be”. Plus, I teamed up with London-based dance music producer Andrew Consoli to add a wicked electro-house remix to the album. You can give all the tracks a listen on the Music page of this site.

It’s also available to download in iTunes, as well as a bunch of other services like Spotify, Last.fm, Rhapsody… pretty much everywhere.

Preparing for EP Release 

I’m very excited to be preparing for the release of my new self-produced “Scattered EP”, which I’ve been working on (on and off) for more than 2 years. My last EP, “Empire” was released in 2008, so it’s been a while! I decided to work with the same talented people on this EP. Ryan Stewart performs drums (and was more recently nominated for a number of Juno awards for his writing and producing!). Richard Dolmat did the final wave of the mastering wand.

Live Vids on the Montreal Streets 

Last week I met up with Here On Out‘s Phil Creamer, who creates these cool one-take videos of artists around Montreal playing live.  We walked around Plateau on a sunny Tuesday afternoon looking for interesting spots to record.  I played “Synchronicity” in the park near Tam Tams, and we found a sketchy alley just off St. Laurent and Duluth with graffiti where I sang “She Could Be”.

It turned out great, and here are the results!

Broken Promises 

I though I’d share some lyrics of a song I’ve been working on for a while.  I like it when artists give a little preview of what they’ve been working on or post their lyrics, so I thought I’d do the same.  Its a song kind of about rolling with life, taking it as it comes.  I already have the song itself written and I can’t wait to perform it and record it.  I think I started writing it last summer, it’s one of those ones that just kind of poured out onto the page, but I’ve been kind of stuck on the bridge and last verse for a really long time… I guess finish it when I’m feeling it!  I’ll break it out on stage one of these days.

Note: you can click on the photo to see it full size.

Hometown Mini Performance 

Had a great time a couple of weekends ago playing a couple of songs friends, family and family friends in my hometown of Salt Spring Island.  It was part of an all-day gathering at our place with golfing, potluch, taco stands, some performances and dancing – we set up kind of an elaborate little stage with hay bales all around for seating!!  Good times :)

Recording Podcasts 

I spent yesterday in the studio (which I never find not fun….) recording the first episode of the “Paracast”, a new monthly podcast borne out of a drunk conversation with friends, one of whom is an owner of the Paragon Theatre (only the finest indie music venue on Canada’s East Coast). We though it would be a fun idea to take the concept of an old podcast we used to do a couple of years ago, and turn it into something more…. practical. We play songs by the kick ass bands coming through the venue, and banter about them in between.

Anyways… at time of writing it’s not up on the Paragon site yet but check the blog for when it gets posted, it’s pretty hilarious.

Update: the podcast is up on the Paragon website now – you can listen to it here!

Met a Musical Hero 

I went to Osheaga last weekend (killer festival this year!!) and was excited to see Fran Healy play on Saturday.   He’s the singer of the Scottish band Travis, who I would consider to be one the big influences on my msuic, with the whole lyrically-driven acoustic-guitar-based rock song style. Needless to say I’m a huge fan and I would easily list Fran Healy as one of my musical heroes (is that kind of geeky to say?).

Anyways he played an excellent solo acoustic show and afterwards came off the side of the stage and graciously took the time to stand around and chat with people.  I was a bit star-struck but waited around to say hi, shake his hand and get a photo.  Big moment.  :) And to top it off my awesome friend Vero got the guitar pick he threw into the audience after the set with and gave it to me. Very inspirational day!!!

The Studio 

I’ve been working a lot lately on my new EP – super excited to show it off in a month or so when it’s ready. I get pretty amped up when I’m working on a new recording and start layering up the song with guitars, vocal harmonies, effects and such. This photo is where I do all of my demo recording, at home. It’s pretty modest but it does the job – I have everything I need. Last weekend I spent a whole day with my guitar amp cranked up, recording electric guitar tracks for “She Could Be”. It sounds freaking sweet, especially with the masterful drum performance of my friend Ryan Stewart, out in Vancouver, who laid down the drum tracks at his studio.

Can’t wait to show off the new tracks!!

Seagull Love 

I love my Seagull.

The guitar in the picture here is the first acoustic guitar I owned (in fact, the only one). I learned to play guitar on it, and every single song I’ve ever written was on this guitar. It helped get me into music school and with a few other things too, accompanied me around Europe, in every city I’ve lived in and on every stage I’ve played on.

It’s a phenomenon pretty well-known among guitarists and other musicians of wood instruments – like violins – that, as the wood ages over time, the tone or feel of the guitar begins to reflect the way it has been played. The vibrations of sound through the guitar changes the cellular structure of the wood, the resin, etc. Since you could say that music is an expression of your soul, and since I’ve been “expressing my soul” through this guitar for so many years, you could say that a piece of my soul lives within the wood of my guitar. It sounds weird, but when I play my guitar, I know it’s true. When I play other guitars, the music the guitar makes feels kind of empty and lacking…. something…. in comparison.

So there you go, a little ode to my little wooden soul mate.

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