Scattered EP

Release Date : August 6, 2012
Artist : Wes Walls
Genres : Pop Rock
Format : Digital

Lyrics and music by Wes Walls
Produced by Wes Walls
Mixed by Wes Walls
Mastered by Richard Dolmat @ Digital Sound Magic

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"Never spinning with the world, always running in the opposite of everyone"

A self-produced three-song EP of anthemic bedroom pop rock with catchy hooks wrapped in big shiny guitars, driving rhythms, angsty vocals, and featuring a pounding drum performance by Ryan Stewart. The EP explores the scattered world of a 20-something searching for who you are and where you belong.

A bonus track on the EP features a dance remix of the single "Scattered" by Andrew Consoli. 

Track List

  1. Carry You Along 
  2.  Scattered
  3. She Could Be
  4. Scattered (Andrew Consoli Remix)